Meal Preps


Make a Gym Junkie Café Meal Prep your New Year’s Resolution!


Do you want to lose weight, build muscle or simply feel healthy and energetic?
Are you too busy running around to cook home -made nutrient-rich meals?
Say good bye to fast food loaded with toxic, highly processed, salty and fattening ingredients.
Every time that you consume fast food, instead of a hearty, home- made meal, you heighten your risk for diabetes, heart disease and a number of horrible ailments that plague our society.



Take control of your health with a Gym Junkie Café Meal Prep plan!

3 easy steps Gym Junkie Cafe Meal Prep guide from only 30 €

  1. In order to assess your fitness levels and personal dietary requirements, you will receive a FREE initial consultation with our nutritionist. He will check your muscle, bone and fat mass. Locate your problem areas and weaknesses. Test your metabolic age and calculate your body dehydration levels. You will receive a FREE body MOT print-out to take home!
  2. We will discuss your target calorie count and intake levels of protein, fats and carbohydrates depending on what you are looking to achieve. We will customize your GJC Meal Prep plan from our tasty menu.
  3. Collection next day in the café.
You will receive a 6-8 week FREE follow-up consultation with our nutritionist to track your progress. Let the results speak for themselves!
Our nutritionist speaks both English and Spanish.
To order your Gym Junkie Café meal preps, please call us on +34 951 899 953, Whatsapp on +34 671 892 758, or email